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Swiss Tolkien Metal!

After 22 years of band history and 15 releases, there is a vinyl edition of the new album for the first time. For everyone who likes Tolkien and Middle-earth and likes a great mix of Black, Folk and Pagan Metal, this record is a must!

This LP is limited to 100 copies and comes with an inlay with lyrics.

180g vinyl

Black Jade - Horizons LP red/black splatter

CHF 16.00Preis
  • The LP version only has 10 songs. But there is an exclusive bonus song on the vinyl edition and a great both sides printed inlay.

    Side A:
    1. Into a new future! (feat. Leila Wähner)
    2. Queen of the golden leaves (feat. Leila Wähner)
    3. Cuiviénen (feat. Leila Wähner)
    4. Higher, than the clouds (feat. Leila Wähner)
    5. Just a hero (feat. Sarah Springel)

    Side B:
    1. Horizons
    2. Orc-hunter
    3. A diabolical night
    4. Shape of death
    5. The devil never sleeps (feat. Sarah Springel) (LP-Bonus)

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